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An empty room with shadows and light dtraming from an unknown source

The White Rabbit
Geometry Project

In a video game, an easter egg is a discoverable secret. In some games, there exists a master easter egg that unlocks all of the other eggs. That Master Egg is called a White Rabbit after the Alice in Wonderland and Matrix concept.
But if this reality is a simulation (like Elon Musk believes) then the rules for it are like a video game. And while we can chase or kill the White Rabbit, we can also theoretically plot its course and just meet it where it is going. 
I am hiking by foot across the United States, from Vancouver, Wa (basically Portland, Or) to Lousiana. On the way, I am going to hike across this beautiful country and meet the transient and homeless and pick up garbage and clean up this Earth along the way. When I get to my destination in Lousiana (approx Sept 23rd), I will be starting a homeless shelter and a church on a 2 acre property that has been abandoned for a decade and is supposedly haunted. 

You can follow my journey on: for photos
TikTok for videos
Threads for conversations

Oh, and I'm running for President.

I will be doing a Reddit AMA on April 7, 2024 to answer any questions the people may have. 
Down the rabbithole - alice in wonderland artwork - experimental musician - digital media and design - artificial intelligence research

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